Inside Scoop - Milk N' Heels With Tracy Moore

Inside Scoop - Milk N' Heels With Tracy Moore

This past week trendy mom magazine, Milk N’ Heels Magazine released their latest issue: Winter '16 #3


A fashion playground for mini’s and their moms, we weren’t surprised to see Tracy Moore on the cover.

From chatting up her Cityline audience to being a mom of two, she still has the time to be known as a fashion guru. With years of experience, endless features and designing a clothing line of her own; Tracy Moore has gained the trust and respect of viewers all around.

Being a renowned fashion icon, you can only imagine how happy we were to see Tracy wearing our White Wide Leg Pant. Styling the pair with a matching white coat and patterned blouse of her own (Tracy Moore by Fredas); we’ve never seen them look better.
Screenshot 2016-11-28 13.10.17

Screenshot 2016-11-28 13.09.50
“I don’t necessarily want to look like a mother of two; I want to look funky but not have my butt crack showing”
And we’d say she’s done a pretty good job at both…
Check out the full article on Milk n' Heels to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to be a working, successful mom - with style of course.

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