How your inner self can INSPIRE your outer style

How your inner self can INSPIRE your outer style

Here at Picadilly Canada HQ we move to the mantra that what we put on the outside should be a reflection of our true selves on the inside. So whether you prefer minimalist vibes, consider yourself to be eccentric, creative, relaxed, love luxury or have a passion for adventure, here’s how to embody your inner style this season. You might even resonate with multiple of these personality traits!



Minimalists are often organised, well put together and focus on carefully selecting a capsule of quality staples.

This can be achieved with single colours, comfortable fabrics and tones you can mix and match with easily.


What to team minimalist outfits with
Minimalist doesn’t mean bare! Complete the outfit with miniature rings, thin chained jewelry and a practical tote.  

Minimalist fashion


Often independent, creative thinkers see the world through an emotive lens and have little time for boring things. If this rings true of you, craft your wardrobe with patterns, exaggerated ruffles and bold colours.


What to wear with creative styles
Bespoke, one of a kind jewelry.

Inspired by opulence

Lovers of luxury often view the pieces in their wardrobe as investments and purposely curated works of art, seeing the value in unique locally designed styles that last a lifetime.

A sense of opulence is key this season, with luxe fabrics, exaggerated fuses and finishes achieving high end looks, while retaining a comfortable stretch and shape.


Complete the outfit with:
A floral perfume that makes you feel like a million dollars.

Nonchalant & calm

Calm people often have a great understanding of who they are, express gratitude and take bad luck in their stride.

In tune in your inner zen? A composed, relaxed outfit this season typically includes a looser fit, a tucked in top and anything with pockets! 


What to wear with this outfit
Confidence! Confidence it what takes nonchalant wear from simply ‘I just threw this on’, to ‘I just threw this on… AND I LOOK FABULOUS’.


Practical, but thrilled by the idea of running off to their next adventure at a moments notice, adventurous people march to the beat of their own drum, make friends easily and can’t be influenced.

Styles that will work best for you this season are ones that are less likely to crinkle, mid-weight, easy to travel in and are transitional between seasons.


Wear this style with
Accessories that tell your tales. A necklace that reminds you of a recent trip or a handbag you found in the most unlikely of places.

Contemporary & rebellious

Contemporary is the modern cool. Often those who are always ahead of trends, but forging their own paths rather than following everyone else’s, pulling off styles in a way that only they can. These people may have been called tom boys when they were young and love anything with an edgy look.

Boyfriend cut pants and leather look jackets will bring out your inner rock star while nodding to feminine style.

Social butterflies

Fluttering from one event to another, social butterflies thrive on good conversation and cultured activities. Social butterflies are often spotted at foodie events wearing fun outfits that can be used as a conversation starter. 

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