Sweater Weather with Iva Grbesic

Sweater Weather with Iva Grbesic
Dress up or dress down with the perfect cozy sweater. This past week we saw Cityline style expert Iva Grbesic debunk all your myths about sweater weather.

From chunky knits to sweater dresses, our favourite brands have made it easy to keep cute and comfortable throughout the season. As much as we love the added warmth and extra comfort, dressing with bulk can sometimes look messy. According to Iva, it’s all about finding the perfect fit. Whether you’re a size four or fourteen, “wear knits & bulk, because as long as it fits your frame, it looks good” - Iva Grbesic


This is the time to play around with different fabrics, shapes and sizes. Iva shows us two efficient ways to layer knits without looking thick. Try layering thin sweaters over top one another. Whether it be a light turtle neck & cute cardigan or crop sweater… This will help you avoid extra weight in unwanted places. 


The second includes a thin knit close to your body and a thick sweater over top, but not the other way around. In Iva’s experience “Thick on thick is just going to add lots of bulk and it’s not going to look good. It doesn’t matter how it fits, it’s going to look sloppy."


Grbesic finishes off with talking proportions. Proportions are key when looking to style knits! Think about your coats... So many of us women continue to buy these chunky pieces only to realize our motto jackets refuse to fit on top. Not to worry, the answers been solved with Picadilly's collection of Collarless Jackets! With more than enough room to fit any sized sweater you'll feel good and look even better. Be sure to watch the full clip for Iva's tips on styling thick knits; and keep your eye out for Iva's head-to-toe Picadilly outfit.

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