18 Fashion Trends You Will LOVE In 2018!

18 Fashion Trends You Will LOVE In 2018!

We’ve recently returned from a whirl-wind tour of our European showrooms, eager to share with you what fashion trends you can expect to see this year. In fact, we’re so excited about these looks that we’ve included a few sneak peaks of our favourite upcoming pieces, that haven’t even hit stores yet!

1. The year of the hem!

Say goodbye to straight hems and hello to layered, scalloped, asymmetrical and mesh hemlines!

Picadilly Womens Fashion lace cocktail dress

2. Attention to detail(S!)

Sequins, lace, fringing, studded sparkles and fun motifs are giving us all a youthful flare this year. There are no rules with this trend, so whether it’s a single subtle graphic motif or a combination of embellishments and embroideries, anything goes when it comes to details!

3. Exaggerated ruffles and flounces

These can be found as trims, sleeves and hemlines. This trend isn't limited to traditional cotton fabrics, we’re seeing them on denim, knits and sheer materials too!

Picadilly Womens Fashion Trends Denim Top and White Pants

4. Shopping local

Recently there has been a renewed love for buying products from local brands and companies.  Shoppers are proud to be contributing to local employment, showcasing unique local talent and supporting the local economy. Not just a passing trend, 56% of Canadians revealed that they plan to shop online from Canadian retailers.

5. Wide leg pants

Whether they’re cropped, high waisted, layered or tailored, wide leg pants are one of the biggest fashion trends for 2018. We’ve already spotted Megan Markle, Amal Clooney and Victoria Beckham rocking wide leg trousers!

Picadilly Womens Fashion Trends Black Wide Leg pants

6. Active wear transitions to Athleisure

Let’s be honest, most active wear is purchased for everyday wear. This doesn’t mean wearing moth eaten sweats out for drinks, however, it does mean that we can look amazing and be comfortable, without having to hit the gym! Hooray! Trends include soft and stretchy pieces with lace trims and fun fabrics in waisted/tailored designs.

7. Oversized and crochet style lace

After seeing this cropped jacket, need we say more?

Womens Fashion Trends Lace Jacket

8. Detailed straps

Multi or mesh - straps are no longer just practical, but pretty too!

9. Lightweight layers and outerwear

Layers aren’t just for winter, comfort is key in the warmer months too! We’re seeing a surge in long length and light weight kimonos, open front jackets and dusters.

10. Fun with fabrics

A more tactile approach to fabrics, with a variety of techniques used to construct materials such as embossing, jacquard and perforated fabrics in open knits, crinkles and mesh.

11. Large and lavish earrings

In 2017 tassel and chandelier earrings paved the way for structured statement earrings, hammered metals and over-sized hoops - this is certainly one of the biggest accessory fashion trends for 2018!

12. Expanded neutral colour pallets

Nude was once considered a single shade, however this year we’re seeing so many variations of nude and neutral tones. Some have a warm terracotta base, while others are mixed from blush or beige tones.

Picadilly Womens Fashion Trends beige dress

13. Pretty pastels

Not limited to traditional pastel pink, this year's fashion trends are incorporating pastel yellows, opal-greens and periwinkle blues.

14. Bold patterns and strong graphics

Picadilly Womens Fashion Trends Floral Dress

15. Easy to wear clothing

The modern woman has a to-do list that goes further than the eye can see, so adding ‘drop-off dry cleaning’ isn’t an option. With this in mind, we’ve put a large focus on clothing that can be worn and washed easily.

16. Dipped hems

This trend is one of our favourites. We suspect it originated because leggings are single handedly the most comfortable item to wear, thus the dip hem was created!

17. Shoulder cut outs

Picadilly Womens Fashion Trends floral blouse

18. Individuality

Daring fashion choices used to just be for the runway, however people are marching to the beat of their own drums when it comes to their wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to try something new or out of the ordinary! Treat your outfit as a reflection of your personality and remember that there’s no one in the world quite like you! :)

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