Travel in style: Fashionable AND practical packing tips!

Travel in style: Fashionable AND practical packing tips!

Trip booked? Passports ready? Excellent! You won’t need to compromise style for comfort with our top travel tips for being prepared, practical and polished.

It’s all about balance
Pack your heaviest items closest to your suitcase’s wheels as it will make your case balanced and roll more easily.

Bring the bling
Securely pack your jewelry to avoid it getting tangled, or worse, lost!

  • Individually thread your necklaces through straws to prevent them getting knots.
  • Keep your rings linked together using a bangle with a clasp, giant safety pin or D-shaped key ring.

Wear something floaty for when you get bloaty
Flying? Choose a loose top, tunic or dress to travel in. Bloating is common on flights due to dehydration, swelling and poor circulation, so avoid garments with tightly fitted waistlines.

Contrast trim long sleeve top >> 

Embellished striped top >> 

Long sleeve tunic >> 

Phones away!
Always keep a printed itinerary with your passport if you’re crossing international borders. Most countries require you to have a departing flight if you’re on a tourist visa and you typically aren’t allowed to use electronic devices in customs halls. So, pack a hard copy in your carry on!

Avoid the iron
Nobody wants to be looking for an ironing board on their holidays so choose fabrics that don’t crease… you’ll thank yourself later! Fabrics with a light stretch, such as ponte, are perfect for this.

Keep clothes clean
Pack your clean clothes inside out in your suitcase so they don’t get dirty.

Mini bags = maximised security
Take a small cross-body bag while you’re in transit, as well as your larger bag. This way you can keep your essentials (tickets, wallet, phone etc) in sight and at the ready at all times.

Picadilly Womens Fashion Leggings and jacket2

Pack the staples
Take at least one pair of leggings, even if you’re going somewhere warm. They’re perfect for flying, great for cool nights and can be styled with a variety of tops, jackets and dresses.

If you’re going somewhere cold these leggings are perfect for you! They’re slightly thicker and warmer than your average pair and are also available in navy.
Lace trimmed pull on pants >> 

These ones have the look of leather, but are as stretchy and comfortable as regular leggings!
Shimmer leggings >> 

Contrast leggings are stylish twist on the classic style. Available in mauve, black and grey (pictured).
Contrast side leggings >> 

A relaxed-fit blazer or princess cut jacket is an excellent choice for travel as you’ll always look polished while wearing them. They can be worn casually with leggings, jeans or a swing dress, and with a cocktail dress in the evenings.

These ones are made from fabrics with a light stretch, making them really comfortable to wear open or closed.

One button jacket >> 


Remember the less you pack the more you can shop! Do you have any packing or travel hacks of your own? We would love to hear them! Just leave them in the comments below.

Safe travels!


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